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Jun 18, 2014

Posted By Jasmine Lakorn | 5 Comments

On Air/Upcoming Lakorns 2014

Lots of sequels or second seasons should be coming up in July. Raak Boon 2, Hormones 2. And hopefully we'll get the Rising Sun series started.

 Updated July 20, 2014

 Roy Ruk Hak Liam Tawan - Watch with subsViki and here

Jun 12, 2014

Posted By Jasmine Lakorn | 1 Comments

Maya See Mook


Jun 3, 2014

Posted By The Swan | 2 Comments

Personal help for Jasmin

Hiiii All!

 I need your help in transcribe, Young Hercules in viki for me, mom want to watch it so I want to sub it, can you help me please, it's 50 episodes each is only 21 minute, they already finish up to ep10, 40  ep23, 27 episode to go

here's the channel:  


if you willing to help send me an Email ( or leave a comment below, I hope you can help, thank you 

Native English& Spoke English People, I need you help, WHERE ARE YOU?!! 


May 20, 2014

Posted By Jasmine Lakorn | 3 Comments

The Sixth Sense 2


Apr 22, 2014

Posted By Jasmine Lakorn | 4 Comments

Paen Rai Phai Rak


Mar 2, 2014

Posted By Jasmine Lakorn | 5 Comments

If You Like Full House (Thai Version), try more lakorns about marriage

There are a lot of lakorns about married couples, and it's a favorite trope of mine. Full House (Thai version) is based off of a kdrama and features a celebrity and aspiring writer who enter a contract marriage for various reasons, but ends up falling in love.

Contract marriages is just one of the many different tropes regarding marriages in lakorns. There's also arranged marriages, fake marriages, marriages of convenience and so on. Read on to find out more.

Full House (Thai version)

Lakorns in red means it still needs subbing. A  question mark (?) means it may or may not fit that category.

Where can you find these lakorns? Check out our 'Incomplete' lakorn list for ones still being subbed, and 'Completed' lakorn list for completely English subbed lakorns.

For a look at more genres/tropes, look out our other pages: Genres, Specific Tropes


Feb 11, 2014

Posted By jamie guo | 8 Comments

Blog Updates - what to expect in 2014!

Hello everyone! Recently there's been a lack of updates to the blog, but we do have several things in the works. Please look forward to it!

POLLS - There are going to be several polls coming out. The polls will be on what lakorns you would like to see subbed (again we are NOT subbers, but we do have contacts with some of them and will forward your ideas) and what lakorns you would like to see in better quality videos.


Dec 6, 2013

Posted By Jasmin | 29 Comments


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