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Jul 29, 2015

Posted By Jasmine Lakorn | 3 Comments

We need your help, lakorn fans!

Dear readers, as you may or may not know, lakorns are having a hard time getting subbed recently. I posted a little about it here.

Due to various channels such as Channel 3, GMMTV, ONE HD and others cracking down on lakorns, and taking down sites, facebook pages with any material on them, we can no longer sub a lot of lakorns at viki, which used to be the number site for subbing lakorns. It's been very disheartening.

That's why we decided to start Jasmin's L Group where the subbers will be paid to sub.
The rate for subbing is $5 dollars per episode. This will be the pay rate for the rest of the Mafia Luerd Mungkorn series (Krating, Raed, Hong).

Krating (Bull) - 10 episodes $50  Sherri James, Dynasty kat will be subbing this.
Raed (Rhino)  - 10 episodes  $50 
Hong (Swan) airing now - 10 episodes? $50 (estimated cost, could be more or less)

Estimated total for series: $150 (Again, as this is still airing, we don't know exactly how many episodes the series will be, so this is an estimate.)

At this time, we do need your support and your funds. Please contribute if you can. We will be accepting donations through Paypal. These donations will be used to fund the subbing of lakorns.

We will keep you updated on what's going on, and on how much is collected, and how it is spent here. Please check back with this post for more news.

- If you have a Paypal account, just click on the link, put in how much you wish to donate and scroll down to put in your email address and password. 

- If you don't have a Paypal account, you can still donate using a bank/credit card account. Again, put in the amount you want to pay at the top of page, and then scroll down to where it says "Don't have a Paypal account" and click on the link to take you to another page where you can add your credit card info.


Jul 22, 2015

Posted By The Swan | 1 Comments

Need help with timing

hello everyone,

27-7-2015: ep08 has been subbed Yaaay, e09- e10 is already finished that means all Singh has been subbed, we'll release it in couple of days Yaaaay one more time ^_^ 
anyone want to help in timing or in editing and fixing grammar errors or use better expressions please join this group HERE please if you won't help then don't ask to join, inactive member will be removed, sorry. 
I noticed that most lakorns has been or being sub in chinese, so we can hire chinese translators too, so spread the word ^_^ 
about Contribution, we will provide you a Paypal account soon, so you can support our subbing projects, if we all pitch in, we could get enough $ to get the subs done and if it goes well, we'll try to sub another lakorns too , thank you for your generosity.
 I hired someone to sub the rest of mafia dragon blood or Mafia Luerd Mungkorn
 i'll pay her but i need help with Editing, so if anyone know how to do timing with aegisub or any other software please connect me right away

P.S: still hiring more subbers, (Thai to English - Chinese to English) if you know how to sub from Thai to English (i just need simple and understandable english, no need for difficult idioms) connect me for more details


Jul 5, 2015

Posted By Jasmine Lakorn | 17 Comments

On Air/Upcoming Lakorns 2015

The end of the Mafia Luerd Mungkorn series is here, with Hong (Swan) being the last part of the series coming in late July, It stars Janie Tienphosuwan and Boy Pakorn. And we still have several series still ongoing, we should see a new entry in the Ugly Duckling Series called Pity Girl  this month.
Jad Ruk Viva Luang
Probably the most anticipated lakorn coming this month is Jad Ruk Viva Luang. It stars the couple from Khu Kam/Koo Gum, Bie Sukrit and Noona Nuengtida in a romantic comedy about a deceptive marriage (not the main couple's). The teaser can be seen here

Other lakorns coming this month? Lueam Salub Lai (Disparity) which seems like a melodrama revolving around the fate of 2 women, a horror lakorn Jao Nang and Puen Ruk Puen Rissaya (pic not shown) is about three friends and their relationships.

More lakorns to come, but dates are unknown, including with Kiss Me, the Thai version of It Started With a Kiss I discussed here

Updated July 4, 2015

Jul 2, 2015

Posted By Jasmine Lakorn | 5 Comments

Kiss Me - Thai's version of It Started With a Kiss coming soon

So we've already talked about various dramas that are being turned into lakorns here, and this is an update on the one I'm most looking forward to.

Kiss Me
The teaser for the new version of It Started With a Kiss is here featuring a blond haired Mike Pirat and Aom Sucharat. I guess the Thai version will be called Kiss Me, a little generic, but accurate. Mike and Aom have already showcased their great chemistry in Full House, so I can't wait to see all the skinship. More details on the drama and its origins behind the cut.


Jun 28, 2015

Posted By Jasmine Lakorn | 4 Comments

Rak Nee Je Jad Hai


Jun 23, 2015

Posted By Jasmine Lakorn | 3 Comments

Mafia Luerd Mungkorn series, part 4 - Raed (Rhino) on air June 22!

The Mafia series is winding down, only Hong (Swan) is left after Raed airs. Raed stars Andrew Gregson, and Taew Nataporn. I don't know much about Taew, but Andrew is one of those natural actors who is equally good at drama and comedy. I expect this part to be the funniest with Andrew as a playboy who has an arranged marriage to Taew. 

I don't really like the outfits/Taew's hairstyle, but the story sounds good.

Raed ~ Mafia Dragon Blood 4 ~ Rhino - Download here 

Jun 21, 2015

Posted By Jasmine Lakorn | 12 Comments

Dung Duang Haruetai (2008)


Jun 6, 2015

Posted By Jasmine Lakorn | 11 Comments

Recommendation Thread #1 Updated

If you need a recommendation or have one, please join in~!

One of the things people on the site wanted to see more of was recommendations, so I made this post, but remember if you want recommendations, you can also look at the completed lakorn list for lakorns that have a green star by them and we also list them here and here.

I just read about the new Roy Leh Sanae Rai coming out on June 3rd (here's the teaser) and it made me think of the old 2002 version starring Tik and Aom

Roy Leh Sanae Rai
Genre - Trope - Slap n Kiss - marriage of convenience, 
Actors - Tik Jesadaporn, Aom Phiyada
What's it about? Tik basically schemes to get Aom to marry him so he can get back the money his dad gave her. Of course, in the process he falls for her sweetness and sincerity. 
Where to watch? Here and youtube

Why should you watch it? 


More Tik
Tik, Tik, Tik. 

Aom is great as well, she's feisty and doesn't make it easy for him, but Tik is soo charming as playboy Kongpop, it's no wonder she can't help falling for him. Tik is awesome in this, so good at being bad. And I love how this lakorn pokes fun at common romantic scenes like standing in the rain because of Kongpop being manipulative. Great couple!

Watch out for - Rape, lots of snarky other women.